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We are a trusted advisor to respected clients.

Our cyber security services.

Advisory services.

Organizations are challenged in these times to shape their business whereby cost containments, tighter budgets and decreasing staff employment are factors that need to be considered. At the same time organizations need to deal with increasing regulatory compliance, evolving IT security threats and competitive challenges.

Cyber defense centre.

Take benefit of our continuous monitoring and response service on malware defense, anomaly behaviour and vulnerability management to effectively protect against cyber crime and advanced persistent threats (APT) impacting your critical assets. Our managed detection and response service is offered on business hours or 24/7 continuous service delivery.

Offensive security.

To protect your reputation it’s critical to ascertain your risk level, allocate appropriate levels of security, and be prepared to counter attacks on your IT infrastructure. This implies that security measures should be taken on each layer in the application environment extending into the physical environment within your organization.

Stay in control. Be Secure.

Security advisory where corporate entrepreneurship & knowledge is key to bring success to our customers. We are technologists at heart and creative by nature. We have fun in our work and think outside the box.


Security awareness


Penetration testing

Managed detection and response

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Digital forensics

Incident response

Compromise assessment



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